Taking a "whole horse" approach to equine health care

 We are dedicated to equine athletes recovering from surgery, injury and illness. We also cater to horses that are in need of mental and physical rehabilitation as well as generalized reconditioning or relaxation. Cold River works directly with your Veterinarian and trainer to develop a program that’s best suited to the needs of your horse.  Our facility is in Cresson, Texas, which is centrally located in the triangle between Fort Worth, Weatherford and Granbury.


  Many of our Therapy Programs include a rotation between the AquaTred and the EquiCizer, balancing work in the water and work in the dirt.  The EquiCizer is a great tool to check the progress of your horse's recovery.  By watching the horse work in the EquiCizer, we are able to monitor gait abnormalities and make a decision to either continue with water therapy or begin introducing concussion exercises  


We offer many forms of therapy for maintenance as well as rehab.  They include:

  • EquiPulse PEMF
  • EquiStim TENS
  • Cold Laser
  • Ultrasound
  • Acupuncture
  • Chiropractic
  • Massage Therapy
  • Dental Floating
  • Corrective Shoeing/Trim
  • Nutritional Targeting
  • Chinese Herbs
  • Western Herbs
  • Homeopathy

AquaTred and equicizer in action



Just a few SUCCESS CASES...too many to show!

Poor overall condition - Floated teeth, corrective trimming, diet analysis, AquaTred, EquiCizer, fat and protein supplement, PEMF

Hoof resection by Vet - compression bandaging, herbal poultice, cold laser, handwalking

Proud flesh on hock - surgical removal by Vet, then netting bandaging with mixture of caustic powder and herbal poultice

Squamous Cell Carcinoma - surgical removal by Vet then homeopathic eye wash to prevent reoccurance



Bringing home the blue

  Today Kaiser and I did a small schooling show.  This was my first over fences so we entered the crossrails division.  Water therapy has done amazing things for his body and he is feeling really good.  The boy lives for alfalfa.  We had 8 classes and placed 2 1st's,  4 2nds, 1 3rd, and 1 sixth.  That gave us enough points to win Champion for the division today.  I could not be prouder of him.

Anne Warren
Keller, TX  

Full service facility

  After reading the web site I would say it is one of the most professional well layed out and informative web sites I have ever been on.

It is specific and to the point, they are not afraid to post their boarding rates along with owner responsibilites and the reports on various injuries and techniques are very informative and correctly utilized.

Even had 3 week rotated visits with two farriers if you chose to use that avenue along with other inhouse professionals you could also use, if and when you ever needed.

Even the security of the facility was online, call before you haul, the gate is locked. Now how more secure would you want your boarding facilty than that!! 

The availability of equipment and services is beyond any other facility I have ever seen and that includes vet facilities at major race tracks and training barns.

I would applaud the owner for having a super business plan and the ability to implement it in such a professional manner. It shows there is a lifetime of experience and the good things have been kept intact and the mistakes have been learning blocks and they are striving for a first rate facility and are capable of maintaining it as such.
I am surprized they do not have a long waiting list of owners trying to get their horses into this facility. It certainly looks first class to me!!                            unknown post from public forum  


  I can highly recommend Cold River Equine (Melissa Neal) based on my experiences this past year. I was very lucky when I began searching for a swimming/rehab facility for our TB race filly, and found Melissa's place only twelve minutes from our home. I called Melissa and went out to meet her. After some bad experiences with trainers of an OTTB we retired from racing (postscript - he now has a wonderful, loving owner and second career), I was very leary of taking a horse anywhere and leaving him there. I was very pleasantly surprised when I met Melissa and toured the facility. She is a PRO!!! The farm is very clean and neat. The facilities are top notch, and most of all Melissa is a serious, professional horsewoman who is very knowledgable and competent. We were so happy with the work she did with our filly that we took our three year old gelding over for a month of "Spa days and R & R". This gelding is not a horse that just anyone can handle - he is very high-spirited and all "boy", but she worked with him in her kind and confident manner and he totally respected her. They got along GREAT! Melissa did a great job with both of our young horses and we couldn't be happier. She is honest, fair, a hard worker, and most of all, has a very keen sense of horses, which makes her very good at what she does. Our horses loved the time they spent there and we would take them back whenever they need some time to relax and enjoy the aquatred, or just need a little time away from the track. You can be sure that you will get what you pay for and that your horses will be in the best of hands at Cold River Equine.                             Gayle  Pruitt, Granbury, TX  

Gayle Pruitt, Granbury, TX

  I sent 2 of mine there while we were in Vegas for 12 days.  I also used it when previous owners had the place.  The AquaTred building is heated and there are 4 filters so the water is very clean. 

The help was very friendly when we dropped the horses off and we had no problems.  Stalls are big and safe and the new owners are building more paddocks and places to turn out.  That was my only gripe when Trace owned it, not enough turn out area.   

Sharon Roberts, Boyd, TX  


I just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with the results I have gotten already and thanks for taking such good care of Streak.

I took him home Saturday and rode him and he was all firey and felt great, I just worked him on the barrels lightly, then yesterday I took him to a BR to just exhibition him, and he was wonderful, he was excited and prancey and he hasn’t been that way in forever. He was really wanting to get down and work, and I was having to hold him up to keep him from making a full blown run. I plan on riding him this week, then bringing him back the week of Feb 4th or so.

Thanks again  

  Patricia Bridges        
Decatur, TX      

My horses have been to Cold River separate occasions due various needs. On every visit I have been very pleased with both the care AND training they received from Melissa and her staff. My mare needed both medical and chiropractic care, Melissa made all the arrangements as I was out of state. Cold River values my animals as I do. Great place to haul any horse!
Thanks Cold River     

Ann Stacy, Waxahachie, TX  


  Got home from Tyler this evening after a fun weekend at the Texas Sport Horse Cup AA show (Sept. 2011). Argegno is such a good boy and was strong all week. The trainer from our barn schooled him during the week, even over some 3’3”-3’6” jumps and he did just great. Emily rode him in Children’s Hunter at 3’. They got a 3rd in one warm-up class and qualified for the Classic with a score of 72 and Argegno didn’t miss a beat and will continue to get back to being a hunter!  Thanks for making it happen!     

Dr. Lisa Savage, Austin, TX

  I am a skepitical about a lot of things, doing research after research, especially when it comes to my horses. I had found this site on my web. searched it out many times, even talked with melissa several times. Well I I'd had a lot of trouble with my horse {barrel racing} in keeping him sound the past year, so decided to go for the gusto & get him in great shape right out of the starting gate. I called melissa {which she was always very nice, considerate of me & my horse, & lots of patients with us}, set up a date & hauled 3 hrs. to cresson. I am like a mother leaving her baby for the first time. I left him 2 weeks. gave all the feeding instructions, care, know? I even drove to ride him during the week. And when it came time to pick him up, I hauled him straight to Glen Rose, the Elite. He placed 2nd, right behing Tammy Fisher's great horse. He was strong, muscled & ready to go. He was fit. And he is winning a lot of races for me. So I have continued to use Cold River Equine during the weeks to keep him fit. Love the facilities, the staff & very impressed with how they handle my horse & take great care of him. I am a firm believer in the treads.  

Linda Hart, Munday,Tx.  

Toby looks and feels great.  I finally found a good trainer.  Steve got Toby ready for the Houston meet and started him off slow and easy.  Toby ran 4th, then 4th again, then 3rd, each time, improving his speed index 75,77 then 80.  I convinced Steve to stretch Toby out to 550 yards since he had always been a slow starter.  Well, he ran off and left them!!  We had two wins in a row going 550 with a speed index of 89 and 95!  Toby came back stronger each time he ran.  I truly believe that without your expertise and hard work, none of this would have been possible.   Thanks for everything!     

Paul Taff, Fort Worth, TX

  Well, I have been using Cold River Equine since the day they opened the doors and needless to say I am more than overwhelmed with the care they give my "second children"! I have a 21 year old horse that I have rodeoed on since he was 4 that is still running thanks to Melissa (owner of Cold River). He looks like he is 12 yrs old, not fixing to be 22! I battled issues with him since he was 5 yrs old and it was non stop! Once I found Melissa she finally got him sound. I wish that I would have found her earlier in life. I do believe that she would have saved me lots of money that was spent on vet bills! She will stay up at night reading book after book trying to find out the issue on a horse (if there is one present).  I have taken numerous of my horses to her facility to have her fix the problems with them! Actually I am taking one over there today and picking one up from there. So, needless to say, don't be 1 bit concerned! She will take care of your babies as if they were her very own! I know it is hard to leave your horse with someone that you don't know. The first time I left Kidd (my old horse), I called her like 3 times a day to check on him! I give Cold River Equine a 5 star + reference!        

Carissa  Hewitt, Cleburne, TX