Holiday Boarding


Relaxing in 4 acre grazing pasture
We offer 3 types of boarding to accommodate anyone's budget!  We realize the cost of living is going UP, UP, UP and folks are losing jobs, struggling to feed their families.  We don't want your horses to suffer, too! 

Come see our gorgeous, convenient, clean & safe horse facility!   As a boarder, you will have access to the use of the AquaTred underwater treadmill, EquiCizer, arena, round pen and acreage to ride.  


Full Care Pasture    $375:  Your mare or gelding is housed in a roomy 3 acre pasture with seasonal grasses, shelter, water trough with automatic waterer and great quality round bale coastal hay year round!   We feed our grain twice a day and will feed any supplements YOU provide.  

Full Care Paddock Boarding     $425:  Oversized paddock that does not share a common fence (stallion and 'grumpy horse' friendly).  We feed grain and coastal hay twice a day. 

Full Care Stall + Pasture Turn Out     $500:  Same as above plus we provide all coastal hay, 15 bags of shavings per month and feed up to 8 lbs grain a day in two feedings.  We will turn your horse out to pasture daily as well as bring in for the night.  Owner choice as to how much time they are kept in the stall or pasture and if they want day or night turn out.

Mares and geldings are in separate pastures.  IF you have a mare/gelding pair, we can discuss different boarding arrangements.

In the event of bad weather, it is MANDATORY that all horses be kept stalled until the storm passes and pasture footing is safe.  We do this in order to preserve our pastures!
Stall fee for bad weather events is $15 per day.

We also offer a 3rd feeding at lunch for full care stall horses - owners will be charged for extra grain (anything over 8 lbs/grain per day) and a $2 fee for labor.

We only feed top quality 14% Pellets or 12% Sweet Feed!  If your horse is on a special feed, we would be happy to accommodate if you provide the grain. 

Boarders will have access to use of our AquaTred and EquiCizer for an additional fee.  

Playing in Arena
Boarder jumping
100 x 200 sand arena
Aerial of property