Buying the right horse is such an important task!  There are many factors to consider when choosing your equine companion and we're here to help

We ask that you first look at the horse yourself.  See if he or she is appealing to your eye, if the horse is suited to your style of riding and appears healthy and sound.  Then call us!  We will ride out with you to view the horse and perform a pre-purchase inspection, which includes a flexion test, vision and hearing check, conformation evaluation, assess lameness or previous injury, lunge and ride the horse, check cardiovascular recovery rate and listen to the heart and lungs. 

From this point, we highly recommend you schedule a Veterinary Exam, complete with x-rays of legs or any other suspicious areas.  After your consultation with the Vet, you are ready to make the final decision.

We charge an hourly rate of $40 from the time we leave the premises to our arrival back at the farm.