We offer a variety of comfortable equine housing, taking into consideration each phase of the conditioning and/or rehabilitation process.   


Full care horse boarding
Immaculate aisles and stalls

Barns hold a total of 30 stalls and are bright, clean and horse-friendly.  Sliding doors at both ends to increase or decrease the breeze which funnels through barn.  

Stalls are comfortable sizes for all breeds, including Thoroughbreds and Drafts.  They range in size from 12x14, 12x16 and 14x14, all with rubber floor mats and generous amounts of shavings.  Automatic waterers, box fans and views to the outside are features of each stall. 

Medical Treatment Areas  with cross ties and stocks in the back barn for mare palpation, ultrasound or wound care. 

Wash Docks
 are a horse-friendly layout made of cinder blocks with center drains.  The hoses are on overhead spools to ensure safety.  Each of the 4 wash docks have hot and cold water, so you can bathe your horse year round!

Tack Room is HUGE so there is no crowding of saddles, pads, bridles and blankets.  There is a second tack room for overflow tack or storage.

Feed Room
is also OVERSIZED, which allows us to accommodate varying types of feed and supplements.

Shavings Bin holds 18 yards of fresh, bulk pine shavings.

Hay Storage can accommodate approximately 800 square bales and 40 round bales, held in the center of the second barn, never exposed to sun or rain! 

Paddocks and Pastures are generous in size to let your horse run, buck and play!  We feel sunshine, fresh air and the great outdoors is of major importance to healing horses as well as healthy horses.  We have 6 pipe paddocks, measuring 25x40 with soft sand footing.  Paddocks do NOT share a common fence so no one can touch noses!  Pastures range in size from 2, 3 and 4 acres.  Horses are rotated on and off the pastures to ensure that grazing is available to all.   We house mares and geldings separately and offer stallion-safe turn-out as well!

Stallion boarding
Stud stalls separate from others
Large horse stalls
Over-sized stalls with wide aisle
Warmblood sized stalls
Clean, horse-friendly, safe
Veterinary stocks
Medical stocks for palpation & treatments
Horse boarding
4 large paddocks



We are now accepting applications for trainers to practice their profession at our facility!  You have access to 10 stalls, use of the EquiCizer, use of the round pen and arena.  The AquaTred is available for use via sign-up on our schedule at an additional cost.  Lease agreement is negotiable.  Call Melissa for details!

Horse training
50 ft. round pen
Horse training
100 x 200 Improved Sand Arena
Cold River Equine
Main office and first barn
Our facility offers a variety of other services, such as RV hook-ups with water and electricity.  We can accommodate 3 rigs at a time at one pole, and an additional 3 at the barn.  Great for travelers who need overnight accommodations for themselves and their equine friends!   These hook-ups are also available for our Desensitization Clinic participants!  Click on "clinics" for more information.

Facility access is restricted to ensure safety and privacy.  We ask that you "CALL BEFORE YOU HAUL" so we will be expecting your arrival.  Our gate is locked at all times and entry is gained by dialing 2# (two pound) or 3# (three pound) on the  keypad which will ring the Owner's phone.   The Owner will then buzz the gate open.     VISITORS ARE WELCOME AT ALL TIMES!   TOURS AVAILABLE UPON APPOINTMENT.