European Hot Walker "EquiCizer"

  The European Hot Walker, aka "EquiCizer" is one of the most common exercise machines on the market today!  Horses enter their "compartment", which is a mesh gate that is suspended from a horizontal steel beam that resembles spokes in a wheel  Horses are tie free, and the partitions that separate the 6 horses swings freely, above the ground, by an extended arm.  This automatic system differs from traditional hot walkers in that there is no requirement for the horse to be connected to a lead line (tethered) and pulled by a moving arm.  We are able to adjust the speed of the turning "wheel" to vary the horses' gait from a walk, slow trot, extended trot and lope.  Our typical exercise routine is 45 minutes total, which includes each gait for varying times, going equally right and left in direction.  It's one tough workout!!   

walk, trot, extended trot and lope

  The EquiCizer area is covered and can be used in inclement weather.  It also aids in cooling horses out in the warm months after riding/training and is often implemented in therapy or conditioning programs in addition to the Aquatred. The footing is PREMIER EQUESTRIAN RUBBER CHIPS with ANGULAR WASHED SAND for cushioning properties to ensure minimal stress on your horse. 

Many of our Therapy Programs include a rotation between the AquaTred and the EquiCizer, balancing work in the water and work in the dirt.  The EquiCizer is a great tool to check the progress of your horse's recovery.  By watching the horse work in the EquiCizer, we are able to monitor gait abnormalities and make a decision to either continue with water therapy or begin introducing concussion exercises.   


Vitafloor has developed a horse vibration plate that provides whole-body vibration, which has been shown to  improve muscle strength, stimulate blood circulation, and promote relaxation.   The verticle vibrational floor reduced chronic back pain and improved postural balance during horse rehabilitation. Using medical imaging, it was found using a horse vibration plate can improve symmetry of the m. multifidus muscle of the horse’s thoracolumbar spine. Stronger muscle helps stabilize the spine and improve posture, balance, and motion. Vibration therapy has also been used to treat tendon and ligament injuries, decreased bone density, bucked shins, and arthritis in horses.   All can lead to improved performance and even prevent injuries and speed healing,